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Calamus (Acorus calamus var. angustaus)

Calamus (Acorus calamus var. angustaus) excellent oil to diffuse when you emotionally upset.  Application Methods of Calamus Use in bath and shower for absorption and aromatherapy benefits.  Diffuse for emotional

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Everything on earth is created for a purpose.

Everything on earth is created for a purpose. It’s our goal to find out the purpose, benefits, and uses. I hope you take this journey with me to develop habits towards a holistic lifestyle.  Recreating society is a representation of a new start. A new way of looking at life. A new lifestyle. It’s about being individuals with a community mindset. Looking at our actions, buying power, and how it affects the world around us. It is creating a world that we want to live in.  A world that is left better than how we came into it. 

Soon to be Mrs 1

This campaign is to bring awareness to domestic violence survivors or whom I call Warriors. We are all Warriors. We did not all merely just survive a chapter in our life but we daily live through the trauma that it bring us. We become Warriors. We become stronger and reliance in our life. I AM A WARRIOR campaign is to promote Warriors to take the next step to empower ourselves to become business owners. This is a ways to help Warriors take the next step to financial freedom by building something that is our own. My goal through the I AM WARRIOR Campaign is to bring awareness to survivors. To influence you to take the next chapter. To build a business based on your interests, skills, and desires. My campaign is about purchasing merchandise to support the campaign. Fifteen percent of all sales will go into an escrow account that will be used as startup funding for Warriors to begin their business. This money could go towards registration, websites, event fees, etc.

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