Stackable Ceramic Tea for One

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Tea for one, anyone? This lovely set is a double-duty wonder: teapot on top, cup, and saucer on the bottom! Steep your tea, stack the set, add a cookie to the saucer and take it anywhere around the house (within reason)! The set includes a teapot, teacup, and saucer 12 oz teapot and 8 oz teacup Great for gifting! 

    • 12 oz teapot
    • 8 oz teacup
    • Made of ceramic
    • Great for gifting!


How to use Tea for one:

Boil water in a separate container. Add loose-leaf tea into the teapot. Add hot water. Close the lid and let the tea infuse. Once it's done infusing, pour the tea into the cup and drink.

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