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Calendula and Rose Relaxing Bath Soaks – 8 ounce



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Calendula and Rose Relaxing Bath Soaks – 8 ounce


Bath soak will revitalize your whole body. It will help soothe and rebalance your hormones. Eases your mind, promotes attentiveness, and enhances memory.

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Had a hard day? Need some me-time? Use this bath soak to help you unwind. Come in four scents, each with its benefits.

Sage & Lavender 

Sage and Lavender bath soak will revitalize your whole body. It will help soothe and rebalance your hormones. In addition, it eases your mind, promotes attentiveness, and enhances memory.

Sage and Lavender’s Essential oil help you when you are feeling

  • Hormone balance.
  • Increase the estrogen level.
  • Relieves menstrual pain.
  • Bloating.

Sage and Lavender essential oil. Black Seed Oil. Calendula oil. Rose oil. Grapeseed oil. Sweet almond oil. Magnesium sulfate. Himalayan salt. Rose and Lavender Petals.

Calming Blessing – Lavender

Calming Blessing bath soak will allow your body and mind to loosen up after a long day. Lavender scent helps reduce anxiety and emotional stress. By being relaxed, you will improve your brain function. Lavender essential oil creates a soothing bath. Lay back and let your worries go. Take the time out to restore your energy so you will be one hundred percent ready to conquer your following day.

Lavender Essential oil help you when you are feeling

  • Stressed
  • Tired
  • Worn down
  • Anxiety

The sedative prosperities of their relaxes muscles. The scent brings in tranquility. Create a serene bath to enjoy.


Lavender. Black Seed Oil. Golden Jojoba oil Himalayan salt. Rose and Lavender Petals.

Lavender and Rosemary

Lavender and Rosemary bath soak will your blood circulation. Reduces muscular and joint pain. This bath soak is excellent when you feel tired, bloated, and need something to help you collect yourself. Grab a book some nice cold drinking water to ease off the long day.

Lavender and Rosemary’s Essential oil help you when you are feeling

  • the need for mental clarity
  • constipated
  • the need to recover join and muscle pain
  • the need to collect yourself.

The soft scent brings a calming sense to create a peaceful atmosphere.


Lavender and rosemary essential oil. Black Seed Oil. Sweet almond oil. Magnesium Sulfate. Himalayan salt. Rose and Lavender Petals.

Earth’s Remedy – Eucalyptus

Earth’s Remedy bath soak will help you clear your airways if you have congestions mucus. In addition, this soak is good when you have cold and flu symptoms.¬†¬†

Earth’s Remedy oil helps you when you are feeling

  • a cold or flu coming on
  • congested
  • allergies

This woody tree scent will surround you and calm you.

No Scent

No scent bath soak is for sore muscles. It will help draw out toxins. Perfect for all types of skin. After a long day, indulge yourself in a natural bath salt soak when you need a moment to yourself. It helps relax muscles and loosen stiff joints. No scent is excellent for people who are sensitive to aromas. It is filled with healing oils. Great for kids over the age of 2.

No scent bath soak will help you when you are feeling

  • tensed
  • restless
  • nervous
  • need to calm your mind

Remember when using the bath soaks to take a cold glass of water to sip on while you are in the tub. This will draw out toxins from your body that can cause dehydration.

How to use bath soak:

Use 2 Tablespoons in a full bathtub. All ingredients and oils are in the product. Mix it around. Get in and enjoy your bath. Use one tablespoon for kids.


Olive oil. Black Seed Oil. Grapeseed oil. Vitamin E. Sweet almond oil. Argan oil. Magnesium Sulfate. Himalayan salt. Rose and Lavender Petals. Calendula petals. Chamomile petals.

Magnesium sulfate:

Deficiency in magnesium sulfate can lead to deteriorating health. Two out of every three people you meet suffer from magnesium deficiency. It can lead to insomnia, morning sickness, tense muscle, etc. Use this bath soak to help rebalance, relax, and rejuvenate.


It comes 8oz glass jar with a gold metal lid. It may be packaged with dissolvable peanut packaging & boxes. Old containers are glass jars with black metal lids.

Get a variety of bath soak to send as a gift set.

*** Old Containers have an automatic discount. Old containers are round with black metal tops. Products are freshly made.

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Weight 15 oz
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Note that these products are made from natural oils, extracts, and herbs.  Therefore all allergic reactions are dependent on relative skin sensitivity, existing health conditions, and product application. The customer, therefore, assumes full responsibility and should first do a skin patch test before product usage.

Products have not been tested on animals. All products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are using medication seek a physician’s consultant before usage. Products are not to be internally used.¬† In case of any allergic reactions, discontinue use and rinse with cold water. If allergies persist, please seek medical attention. Please also contact your physician if you have any uncertainties or other concerns regarding your skin compatibility with Recreating Society’s products.


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