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Welcome to Recreating Society holistic care line. I bring you high quality holistic products infused with natural and pure botanicals. My goal is to help you remove toxins in your life for a more clear and free space to live. Incorporating self care in your daily routine. Recreating Society holistic care line is made in small batches with love just for you. I strive on being personal and individual oriented. The self care line is made to help you get a boost on making sure you keep yourself first  through your day. 

In creating my products, I searched and searched for the raw products that are the most pure, ethnically cultivated with no added ingredient. The process of extraction as a way of purity was my goal. Plant that were grown in fields with no chemicals. Grown in places that is natural habitat. I try to get raw material that is local and benefits the community. 

Through this website my goal is to help you develop and strive for a holistic lifestyle through taking care of yourself. 

A little bit about me 

My hopes is to elevate my passions and encourage other to live their dreams and discover what will make them become fulfilled. To find out what you love to do and pursue it. In order to find out what I love and what I was passionate about, I had to do find out who I am/was. Reaching into the past to bring what gives me life. I had to find out who I was, where I came from and who I am today. While it’s still a work in progress I have been able to narrow down what I want to accomplish.  It's ever-changing and growing as I grow. I know what my focus is on and what brings life and light. Throughout this business venture, you will see all my projects and ideas come to life. The first is holistic lifestyle. 

Holistic Lifestyle

This is where it all starts. To become whole, I need holistic lifestyle. A holistic lifestyle approach that is all encompassing. From being mindful on what I put in my body to understanding my own life stresses  and improving them into positive outlooks. I believe in living intentionally and with purpose. Being mindful to myself, others and the environemnt. Creating a body, mind and soul approach to my lifestyle. Doing little things to improve our wellness and health.  I know I can heal myself from the environment. I can eliminate toxin from my life, whether it's physical or emotional.

When I use and produce products from the earth, I am using a gift from God. It's a reconnection to the Creator. Using the Creators creation as a means of health and wellness. It's a way to connect with ancestors that have used the earth as a renewable energy for centuries before.  The earth as a healing power in its purest form, its healing powers are magnified. We are given these resources on earth to use as a form of healing.

We go through life trying to find cures for everything, eat vitamins to strengthen our immune system and we exercise to tone our body and gain energy. The same way that we do other things to increase our well being. Raw earth material is a tools that we can use. I’ve heard countless stories about using raw earth material to heal yourself from common colds to extreme diseases. I didn't exactly believe it before I started researching and studying. What drew me in the most is when I looked that the historical context of plants and medicine. It came into light the history of how plants were used as medicine to cure many diseases before modern medicine were created. People use to learn and study the way plants work. This was not very long ago. It's been known that,

" Everything on earth is created for a purpose."

It's a belief that I hold. I may not know why everything is created but I can learn about them to use their strength to help myself and others. The strength these plants carry continue to heal many illness and disease while using them daily to prevents many illness and diseases. For something that is so small, it made a huge impact on my life.


Recreating society is representation of a new start. A new way at looking at life and what we include or don't include into our lifestyle. It's about being individuals with a community mindset. Looking at our actions, buying power and how it affects the world around us. Creating a world that we want to live in.
A world that is left better than how we came into it. 
Recreating Society.