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My People’s Market Event

Hello hello hello again. Here is all the info on my next event. First and foremost. If you plan to attend and would like to do a pre-order and pick it up at the event, the coupon code will be mypeoplemarket. This will allow you to get all the items you want without worrying that they will run out before you get there. It also allows me to package your item beautifully. Let me tell you a little bit about this year’s My People’s Market and my history with the market.

My People’s Market 9

My People’s Market kicks off this summer in Portland’s central eastside. Join us Friday-Sunday, June 3, 4, and 5 in the Workshop Blocks for a market experience that only the MPM crew can deliver.

Address: 1125 SE Water Ave

Immerse yourself in the vibrancy Portland offers at My People’s Market 9. Connect with BIPOC entrepreneurs, makers, artists, culinary wizards, and beverage crafters. Experience the sounds of local Portland artists and performers curated by YGB Portland.

  • Enjoy shopping with 100 different vendors each day
  • Explore culinary offerings from across the nation and the globe
  • Delight in interactive performances, musicians, and artists on two MPM stages

My People’s Market is proudly sponsored by New Seasons Market and the Portland State School of Business.

Save the date and get your FREE tickets HERE.

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My People's Market Event 3

This market is a one-of-a-kind market. It’s a mixture of music, activities for the whole family, and unique vendors. You can find anything and everything in one place. Since I started my business, this has been one of the most consistent events I have done. However, I was very close to not attending this year’s event. Not because I didn’t love the event, but because it is a lot of work to prep for an event. This one is a three-day event. So I have to be prepared to have enough products for the three days while also transporting heavy products. All my products are in glass or tin jars. I was going to opt out of doing the event altogether and show up to shop. But I decided to finally put my application in because it is one of my favorite events where many fantastic business owners surround you. There is so much love and respect for each other business. So I’ve mentally prepared myself to do this event. I hope to see your beautiful faces on one of the days.

Top 3 Need to Have Product from Recreating Society

Calendula Salve.

You need this product and let me tell you why. Not only because I made it or because it has been infused in plants for over a month, but it is such a versatile product. This can be used for cuts, burns, and scars to reduce inflammation and eczema. You can put it on your face and lips as a moisturizer. It can be used on kids. If you have kids to get this product, I recommend having it on hand for when they fall and scrape up the arms and legs. If you get only one product from me, Calendula salve will be what I recommend.

Whipped Body Butter

The following product you need is the Whipped body butter. It comes in three scents, but the smell is the least important. Its healing properties are the most important. Ask yourself: How are you feeling right now? What do you need to feel 10% better? If you are physically or mentally exhausted, choose the lavender whipped body butter. Lavender has a calming effect. Us it on your body before heading off to bed for a good night’s sleep. You will breathe in the scent while applying it to your skin will relax your body.

Are you having a hard time breathing? Are allergies kicking in? Feeling a little stuffy. Or have some anxiety that is causing you not to be able to clear your airways. Then, eucalyptus body butter is for you. This body butter will help open up your airways and release the tension in your body.

Lastly, do you feel sore? Do you have aches and pain? Is it challenging to go from a sitting to a standing position? Tea tree body butter will help ease the soreness and pain, whether it’s from workouts or inflammation. Massaging the butter onto the pain will help relax the muscles.

Calendula and Rose Face Oil

This oil is oil like no other. It helps moisturize your face while also helping with evening out discoloration, smoothing the skin, and helping to rebuild new healthy skin. This is an all-natural product with no alcohol or preservatives. Many moisturizers on the market feel great on your skin, but use them throughout time. It is destroying your new skin by moisturizing while drying out your skin due to its ingredients. The calendula and rose face oil does not do that. It helps moisturize your skin while allowing your natural face oil to produce oil when you are not using it. It is not pushing your natural oils away. It is working with it.

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My People's Market Event 4

Please stop by my booth at the My People’s Market to pick up these items or presale them and pick them up on the event day. Remember, Presales are the best way to get what you want. I also do not bring all of my products to the event. So visit the site to find all the fantastic creations. Add in coupon section: mypeoplemarket. See you there June 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

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