let me reintroduce myself

Let me reintroduce myself: The world we live in.

Let me reintroduce myself: I’m Sophia. Owner and creator of Recreating Society. Recreating Society has been my passion project for the last three years. When I first came up with the name, I didn’t know what I wanted my business to entail. I had started a non-profit organization that used creative space to allow people to have 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Throughout the time, I found that no matter the reason why someone becomes houseless the ultimate goal is to make it easier for them to get to where they choose to be.

The name of Recreating Society came when I started seeing more and more women in the streets. This made me question the world that we live in. It made me realize that we really don’t appreciate or care for women as a society. So with this in mind, I knew that I wanted it to change the way society was and currently is now. I want to provide space to include powerful, healthy, and empowering women at the forefront of our society.  In order for society to change we have to change our mindset and create a balanced lifestyle.

Allah (God) never changes the condition of a people unless they strive to change themselves.”

{Quran 13:11)
let me reintroduce myself

We are women who continually make choices and have everything working on autopilot. We built this life of making sure everything runs smoothly. But we are also women who were tired of continuously putting ourselves last or not at all. At the end of the day, when we are lying in bed at night, thinking about all the things we hoped to get done, how we are so tired, and how we forgot to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.  We know there has got to be more. We know if we don’t start investing in ourselves that something will break. We will get to that breaking point.

I get it. I have all been there many times. Been so busy, I didn’t even realize that life is passing me. No matter how much I put into it, I was always trying to catch up. I was still trying to find ways to put self-care into my life. Scheduling days off, doing nothing for the next day was not an option. I would fall into the same pattern of trying to catch up over and over again.

That’s when I realized that there needed to be a change. I needed to incorporate self-care into my daily routine. I need moments throughout the day to take care of myself. Even if it was something small, I learned that a short moment would help me become full again throughout the day. I didn’t need to take a day off or go to the spa. That’s where the idea of Recreating Society’s holistic self-care products transformed. It got me thinking about the small things I can do that feel, smell, and look good.

Whether it’s:

My hope is through this website you will be able to find creative ways to develop self care habits that you will be able to use throughout your day.

The world we live in.

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and a little out of whack with everything that’s going on right now. Should you keep calm and carry on? Or should you join the crowds? I don’t have all the answers, heck! I’m not sure anyone does, But I want you to know that I’m here and I’m riding this with you.

I’ve been thinking, and I have come up with a few tips.

Take time for yourself to process what is going on.

We live in a fast pace world. We’re often looking down upon when we take our time to figure things out. I hope these last few months have taught us to slow down, enjoy the moments, and take time to process what is going on with us. Looking at how we feel, what causes us stress, and what we don’t need in our lives anymore.

Know how you are feeling, and what causes those feelings.

Sometimes we go through life on autopilot. We know what needs to do and how to get it done. We don’t have to think twice about it. But do we remember to look at how we feel throughout the day? We rush, and we don’t live life. By the end of the day, we lay in bed thinking about all the things we didn’t get to do or finish when we should be lying in bed thinking about all of the things we accomplished and feel full

Ask yourself what you want to do about it?

Remember, inaction is an action!!! We need to normalize being at a standstill. It’s okay not to have all the answers or any answers. Also, ask yourself, how do you want to feel throughout the day? How do you learn to take care of yourself when stress and emotions are high.

If you need struggling during this time. Get help.

Don’t feel shame. You are worth it. You need a little help to move you and figure things out. Life has been a rollercoaster ride lately if you need someone to reach out to friends, family, or hotlines.

All of these answers to these questions are within yourself. It would be best if you looked deep inside of yourself to find the answers. Work through your emotions, struggles to find your answers. How are you handling life at this time? What do you need? What advice would you give to others?

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