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What’s in the name?

What’s in the name? I am a Warrior. This name coincides with Survivor. However, I choose to use Warrior as a representation of describing survivors because we did not merely survivor the abuse but we put on our armor, become protectors, heal daily through our trauma and become warriors daily. For abusers, the abuse happened and that’s it. It ends. Of course, they have to work through their own healing if they choose to heal and break the cycle. For Warriors, every day is a battle. Small things can trigger our minds and bodies. We end up being changed by our experiences, not by choice. We feel powerless. In order for us to heal. We must continue to live these lifelong struggles of reliving our pain and learning to adapt and grow. Through I am a Warrior, the focus is on the aftermath of the abuse focusing on working through trauma, self-development, empowerment, and lifestyle. My goal is not to focus on immediate help. This is for individuals who are out of the abuse and working on themselves. If you are in need immediately contact the national domestic violence hotline or your local domestic violence organizations.

I am a Warrior

Working through trauma

Trauma is a complex and individual concept. How you heal from trauma will look different than how others heal from trauma. Working through trauma is vital in our healing processes. Here are examples of ways that trauma shows up in our lives. “Initial reactions to trauma can include exhaustion, confusion, sadness, anxiety, agitation, numbness, dissociation, confusion, physical arousal, and blunted effect. Most responses are normal in that they affect most survivors and are socially acceptable, psychologically effective, and self-limited.”¬†

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Working through trauma here means we are recognizing what causes our triggers, how we react to them, and how it affects those around us. Read more here: “Understanding the impact of trauma” to see if any of the triggers show up in your lives. The goal is to recognize the trauma to use them for self-development and empowerment. Sometimes this may mean seeking deeper to a therapist or other help. Here we will recognize how trauma shows up in our body, our work, our minds, and how to move past it through holistic healing.

Self Development

Self-development is about understanding who you are by analyzing deeper into your being. Recreating who you want to be and outlining steps to get there while making sure we fully take control of our lives. We make sure we are not limiting ourselves when systems, institutions are working against us. Here is where we will develop, learn and grow from our experiences. Remembering our experiences do not define us but our growth does.


Empowerment is about taking action. We are taking the initial steps to live our life to the fullest, acting on our own decisions to become who we want to be. This section will go into building skills and confidence to take the action. Discovering our weakness to build ourselves up.


Choosing to live your lifestyle in a way that will be fulling to yourself and your family. This is a way to create change through business empowerment. The goal is to create the lifestyle that you want to live. Through different avenues of business development, you will be able to get to your lifestyle dream. Lifestyle dreams are looking at how you want to live first then making decisions based on how you can reach that lifestyle. It maybe is through business development but it does not have to be. It could mean putting boundaries on your work life, finding a new career that will fit into that lifestyle or it could be a side hustle or passion project. Whatever the case maybe it’s about living intentionally and with a purpose.

No matter what step you are on the I am a Warrior section will dive deeper into these categories. Each one will have tasks, tips, journaling to help you move along. The I am a Warrior Merchandise line that will benefit Warriors to start businesses. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date on new blogs and stay tuned for more here.

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