how to use whipped body butter

How to use whipped body butter

Whipped body butter is a great all-natural chemical-free moisturizer. Its oil base allows the oil to seep into your skin while moisturizing the top-out layers. Remember a little bit of body butter goes a long way. Using too much will become an oily mess.

How to use whipped body butter

  1. Use half teaspoon to start.
  2. Rub all over body externally. Start with the most dry parts of your body and work outward.
  3. Can be used an external massage oil.
  4. Add more if you need more.
  5. Allow to dry.

Use with a sugar scrub. Using the sugar scrub prior to using the whipped body butter allows your skin to be free from dead skin to allow for smooth application. You can also use it after a bath soak.

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