Healing Calendula Salve- 1.75 ounces

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Product Overview

Calendula salve is a topical remedy for cuts, scrapes, burns, and bug bites. The oil stimulates rapid healing and soothes inflammation while protecting the wound from infection. The beeswax allows the oil to sit on top of the skin to heal the outer layer, then seeps into the skin to heal the inner layer. Allow the skin to feel a little oily, as it's working the skin to heal the wounds. This will also help prevent the skin from bubbling up from burns if put on right after a burn. 

How to use calendula salve:

  • Use the first signs of cuts, scrapes, burns, bites, etc.
  • Allow the salve to sit on the skin.
  • Allow it to seep into your skin at its own pace.
  • Use every couple of hours until the skin starts to heal.


Calendula Salve Ingredient Benefits:

The calendula salve is infused in oil for over a month to get the plant's beneficial properties.  The Calendula plant is known to help heal wounds and burns, reduce skin inflammation, and help with skin ailments. Calendula in the salve form helps skin heal the top layer while rejuvenating the inner layers. 

Beeswax is a way to lock in moisture. It allows the skin to breathe while sitting on top of the skin to heal its top layer. It forms a protective layer to protect you from environmental toxins.

Black seed is known to reduce inflammation and bacteria in the skin. Improve moisture and skin hydration. Fades dark spots and discoloration.

Lavender essential oil gives it an extra-light scent while reducing skin discoloration reduces inflammation.

Frankincense essential oil helps repair the inner skin layer to bring new life to the skin. 


Reusable gold tin container with a gold tin lid. About 1.5 oz.

Keep it in a room temperature setting, away from direct heat and sunlight; if it starts to melt, move the salve away from the headed area and let it reform. If it doesn't come back, place it in the fridge for a few mins—12-month shelf life.

*** Warmer climate or summer time. This item will melt. Please ensure you deliver it to a place where someone can take it inside. If left in the heat, it will melt and cause spillage. Please make sure to track the transit of your items to see if it goes through a hotter climate; before it gets to you, they may melt through transit. We may cancel your order and communicate this with you if we consider it a concern. We do not refund if your item has melted, so please be mindful. If there are any questions, email us at info@recreatingsociety.com before ordering. *** 


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