Empowered women empower women

There is enough room at the table for both of us. It’s enough pie. If the table is too small, we will build a larger table or make our own. We should not be limited by how society sees us, how society pits us against each other. How does society make us think if one of us gets a piece, the other has less. We mentally have to change to be. The resources and potential is unlimited. There is no scarcity. We are all dynamic women who deserve to get everything we work towards.

Empowered women empower women tips.

  1. Look out for each other when you see something that may be potentially harmful. Look out for others. If you have been in the situation before and wished someone gave you advice, be that voice for someone else.
  2. When opportunities arise, plug each other’s names into it. We will not all be able to take every opportunity that arises. So share the love and the information with others.
  3. Uplift through building strong character. Be the best person you can be. No matter how others treat you. Continue to let your presence shine.
  4. When you see others WIN, congratulate her. Let her know she is deserving.
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Empowered women empower women 2

Envy and jealousy are what break the women down. If we all took the time to make sure a few women we know are being uplifted daily, we would create love and respect for each other. When we are in a room full of strangers, a friendly smile to another woman or an introduction goes a long way. We are approachable because we want nothing but to see others succeed; however, that success looks like her. Our hearts are pure from the competition and look towards collaboration; we can become mentors and lifelong friends.

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