Calendula and Rose Relaxing Bath Soaks - 8 ounce - Rosemary and Lavender

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Rosemary and Lavender

Lavender and Rosemary bath soak will help with your blood circulation. It reduces muscular and joint pain. This bath soak is excellent when you feel tired and bloated, and need something to help you collect yourself. Grab a book and some nice cold drinking water to ease off the long day. Lavender and rosemary essential oil help you when you are feeling 

  • the need for mental clarity
  • constipated
  • the need to recover joint and muscle pain
  • the need to collect yourself.

The soft scent brings a calming sense to create a peaceful atmosphere. 


Lavender and rosemary essential oil. Black Seed Oil. Sweet almond oil. Magnesium Sulfate. Himalayan salt. Rose and Lavender Petals. 

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