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Reclaiming our space. Reclaiming our narrative. Reclaiming our identities.

Reclaiming our space. Reclaiming our narrative. Reclaiming our identities.

Often our identities and narrative are created for us through stereotypes. We don’t have a choice on how people perceive us, how people interact with us, and how people treat us. We are, however, in charge of how we react to these stereotypes. We are able to take our narratives, claim our identities, and make space to develop who we are as people. By doing so we are taking hold of our power. We are making sure that people will respect us and treat us the way that we want to be treated. The importance of telling our narrative is that we all have our own stories  We all come from different walks of life, different experiences and we all have something to teach, influence and learn.

The first step to reclaiming our space, reclaiming our narrative and reclaiming our identities is to figure out what is our identities in the first place. How do we identify who we are without somebody telling us who we are? What is most important to us? We need to do some deep soul searching. I believe society tries to mold us and make us into something we are not from a young age. We are asked what type of job we want. We strive to reach that job instead of striving to reach our soul. Find out what we can do that makes our soul happy and healthy. That should be the goal. Our paths in life are different from each other. Most people take a lifetime to get there not by choice but because LIFE gets in the way of us seeing our true potential. 

The second step is to take what we have learned about our identities and turning it into a narrative. A story of who we are. In narrative of where we come from. A narrative of our own story. No one can tell us what this narrative is no one can create it for us. Only we can develop it ourselves. Once we have created a narrative, we have to determine what we want to showcase to the world. We don’t have the showcase everything. It our time and place to decide what others get to see and experience. What do we want to focus on right now?  We can reclaim our spaces. We can reclaim the space that is out there for us. We can reclaim the space where we can teach our children our narrative and our identities so that they can create their own narratives and their own identities. 

The third step is using our reclaimed identities and narratives to take up space. We need to find space for your voices to strive. To be able to live out our true meaning of life. No matter what that looks like to you. It's our way to show who we are. We live in a society that pushes us to be with in a box, pushes us to teach our children to be in a box and it teaches us to checkmark a box. It pushes us to not be individuals, to find ourself and to live our truth. When we are able to be ourselves, we are able to find our multiple identities. We are able to say who we are and who we are not. We are able to have our own dreams, our own goals and our beliefs. This allows us to be able to work towards them. To bring them to life. To be strong intelligent and worthy. We are able to break the system when we are empowered by knowing who we are. It is our responsibility to live our life to the fullest. 

Our past becomes the key to our future. 

"The self development process at its best integrates the past present and future." Recreating Society. 

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