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Qualities of our products


We strive on bringing you 100% pure organic or 100% pure natural. Each oil is indicated if it's natural or organic. Our goal is to provide organic, however, if we are not able to get oils that are organic they are 100% natural. We do not add preservatives, color, additives into our oils. We allow the oils to be itself 100% pure.

All of our butter and oils are ethically and sustainably sourced. One of the biggest things we find with looking for organic labels is that it is not accessible to all businesses. We work with a lot of small businesses and farms. We source from all over the world. Our goal is to get raw products from where plants are best known to grow. This way we know we are not forcing or modifying it grow in an area where it's not meant to grow. Getting an organic label cost thousands of dollars and government regulations. It's not regulated worldwide. To get something from small suppliers is nearly impossible to have an organic label.  It is not sustainable for small businesses and farmers. Our method is to get to know the business, farmers, and suppliers. This way we are able to know their method and procedures, know who we are working with and start to build community. We get plants that are local to my region the pacific northwest as well as plants that are known to grow best in other environments. 

Small Batches

We value making our products in small batches. It allows us to be able to make our products to the highest standard and quality. Smaller batches mean they are fresher when they get to you.  We are also able to customize the product base on your needs. We can make anything in our product like to reflect your skin concerns. We can also make customized face cream, scrubs, balm, hair oils, etc.

All of our batches may have a slightly different look, smell, texture to it due to being made in small batches.

All plants are different. We add in the same amount of ingredients to every batch. However, it may still turn out differently. Especially when we add infused oils. Even if the plant is grown in the same place it may have a different oil component. Its smell may be different. We cannot except our products to all come out the same when all plants are different.  

Made With Love

All of our products are handmade with love. We believe when we produce products the love that goes into it will transcend when you use it. It energy that we hope will reciprocate to others. We hope that our positivity will transform the world. 

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