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Let me introduce myself.

Let me introduce myself: I'm Sophia. Owner and creator of Recreating Society. Recreating Society has been my passion project for the last three years. When I first came up with the name I didn't have an idea of what I wanted my business to entail. I knew that I wanted it to change the way society was and currently is. To do a 180 and include powerful, strong, and empowered women. Women who invested in themselves, who took care of themselves so they can invest in others. We are women who constantly make choices, and have everything working on autopilot. We built this life of making sure everything runs smoothly. But we are also women who were tired of continuously putting ourselves last or not at all. At the end of the day when we are laying in bed at night, thinking about all the things we hoped to get done, how we are so tired we forgot to take care of ourselves. We know there has got to be more. We know if you don't start investing in ourselves that something will break. We will get to that breaking point. 

I get it. I have all been there. Been so busy I didn't even realize that life is passing me by. No matter how much I put into it I was always trying to catch up. I was always trying to find ways to put self-care into my life. Scheduling days off, doing nothing but the next day I would fall into the same pattern of trying to catch up. 

That's when I realized that there needed to be a change. I needed to incorporate self-care into my daily routine. Not something that was for another day. I needed moments in the day to take care of myself. Even if it was something small. I learned that a small moment throughout the day will help me become full again. I didn't need to take a day off or go to the spa. I needed moments. 

That's where the idea of Recreating Society holistic self-care products came from. It got me to thinking about what are small things I can do that feel, smell, and look good. Whether its the line of body butter that you can use throughout the day. or as simple as using some scrub when you are washing your hands. OR at night when you are ready to for time to fully relax. Taking a few extra moments of your time to soak away. It could also be putting oils and cream on your face before you leave the house. It's little things that you do to know you have taken care of yourself. 

I believe that you can do little things to make a big impact on how you feel throughout your day. 

So hop onto my collections page and look through what you can use into your life to help you be able to become whole. 


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