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It’s not competition It's commitment.

It’s not competition It's commitment. 

It's not a competition. It's commitment. It's a commitment to yourself,  your dreams, goals. It's a commitment to searching for your true meaning in life.  Becoming better and striving to see results based on your own individual standards.

Competition is good. Competition motivate you and brings a sense of commitment. It can build a community and trust to help you keep moving. Competing against somebody else to get to their standards is not the best way to drive your business. You are an individual who has your own set of skills, ways to interaction and who you are cannot be replicated. You want to compete with your best self to make you better by comparing only yourself to your own results. 

In my holistic field, if you study plants and holistic lifestyle anyone can come into this market. It's very saturated but I know that my approach it different from anyone else. I will reach a different audience.  

We are all different and we all hold different skills. To be able to see ourselves as powerful individuals in the fields that we are in allows us to create more, to dream more, to achieve more. 

Step to commitment

First, you need to have a commitment to yourself. You have to keep yourself accountable to meet your goals daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Making that commitment to yourself allows you to be focused, to measures your results and achievement. It shows you when you feel like you're not moving anywhere in your business that there has been results from your work. A lot of business owners find themselves feeling like they are not doing enough. The cycle of negativity affects our movement in increasing our business. It's the I'm stuck feeling.

This I'm stuck feeling harms us. What happens is when we don't see the results that we want, we slowly start becoming unmotivated, not believing in ourselves and not feeling sense of accomplishments. One way to tactical this is by using a gratitude journal. Using a gratitude journal helps you see your results. Doing daily journalling and weekly reflects will motivate you and keep yourself on track. It will allow you to go back and reflect on your past work. This leads me to being grateful. 

Second, gratefulness comes when you acknowledging your progress. You become grateful for the knowledge that you have, for the skills that you possess and for your achievements. When competition is out of your mind, you know that everything that you do is out of pure love for what you're doing. You're not trying to be better than someone else, you're not trying to prove yourself.  You're doing something that you love and something that is bringing you happiness. And that in returns gives you a feeling of gratefulness, achievement and motivation. 

Third, believing in yourself. Make a commitment to yourself to trust your process, to trust your knowledge. Everything you do in your business has a purpose. When you are believe in yourself and your business, your mindset will pivot you to move your business. You have this motivational factor that needs to be able to achieve. You are looking at what you need to be able to achieve and moving your business in a way that will allow yourself to reach individual dreams and goals. You need to believe in yourself and you need to believe in the process that you are going through. All of the steps that you take to build has an ultimate larger goal.  

In the end of the day, you could be entering into a saturated market but you need to realize that people will come to you because they vibe with you. They like you. They believe in you. You are the master of your own work. It will shine through. 




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