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It’s not competition It's commitment.

It’s not competition It's commitment. 

It's not a competition it's commitment. Its commitment to yourself,  your dreams,  goals. It's a commitment to searching for your true meaning in life.  Becoming a better and seeing results based on your own individual standards. Competition is good. Competition motivate you and brings a sense of commitment. It can build a community. But competing against somebody else to get to their standards is not the best to drive your business. You want to compete with your best self to make yourself better comparing yourself to your own results. 

We are all different and we all hold different skills so to compare each of us to each other is incomparable. And that's where collaboration comes in collaborating with others who are like-minded like you in order to succeed. In order to build your businesses. Working with people who hold the same values as you.  That shows you that they are committed to building and learning together.

There's a few things about commitment that that you need to remember in order to build your business. You need to have a commitment to yourself. You have to keep yourself accountable. You need to have a commitment to meeting your goals daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Making that commitment to yourself allows you to be focused, to measures your results and to achievement when you feel like you're not moving anywhere in your business. What happens a lot of times for people in business is that we don't see our results until we have gotten to a point where we have accomplished our goals. Then we will start looking back and seeing all of the achievements that we have done. Using a gratitude journal helps you see your results. Doing daily journalling and weekly reflects will motivate you and keep you on track. 

When you are committed to yourself and your business you don't have time to be looking at competition. You don't have time to be comparing yourself to others. You have this motivational factor that needs to be able to achieve. You are looking at what you need to be able to achieve and moving your business in a way that will allow yourself to reach individual dreams and goals. That competition factor comparing yourself to others will disappear because you will not have time to think about what someone else is doing. You would only be working on and striving to be your best.

Gratefulness comes when you strive to be the best of who you can be. You become grateful for the knowledge that you have, for the skills that you possess and for your achievements. When competition is out of your mind you know that everything that you do is out of pure love for what you're doing. You're not trying to be better than someone else you're doing something that you love and something that is bringing you happiness. And that in returns gives you a feeling of gratefulness, achievement and motivation. 





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