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Imagine getting a sweet $5K in your bank account.

Imagine getting a sweet $5K in your bank account. Whoop! What are you buying? What are you doing to do with it?

Do you know what I would do? I'd probably invest it in my business in some way. At this moment I would invest it in getting a course to become a better writer and blogger. (as you can tell my writing skills is not at its best) I would do something that would help me build my business.

On a side note. I use to think 20k was actually a lot of money. I worked like crazy two almost three jobs just to save up 20K. I was proud of myself and I had no idea what I wanted to do with the money. I just wanted it to sit until I figured out my next move.

At the time, I was working as a domestic violence advocate. That took up pretty much all of my time. Early morning late nights. Overworked underpaid, but I was making a difference in people's lives so the amount of money I was making wasn't a concern to me. But really that was what was ingrain in our minds when we work in nonprofit organizations. Being paid a wage a tad bit above minimum wage was good enough? (eyes roll) not at all. The difference that non-profit workers did was what counted. Anyways I'm getting off track.  I was also working at Macy's at the time with my commission I was making about the same amount as my job as a domestic violence advocate. I also had a side hustle of a janitorial business. I had a few accounts that amounted up to about a thousand a month. Did I tell you I also lived at home? So that was how I was able to save. I saved all my money from my domestic violence job into one of my bank accounts. I used fifty percent of my wages from my Macy's job into that same account. I lived off of Macy's and my janitorial business. When I say lived off I mean paid my small amount of bills I had and lived my life without the worry about what I was spending. I was very privileged to do this. It taught me a lot about saving and investing my money. 

Now, 5k would be nice. I would help me invest a little more in developing skills for my business, I could use it to invest in supplies or even at the moment investing in organization for my home office. 

Wouldn't it be nice? Tell me in the comments below what would you do and why? 


12:05 Sunday.13 September 2020

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