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Enjoy the moments

Sometimes our lives get so busy that we go through life on auto pilot and forget to the moments. We don't even think about what we are doing, how it affects ourselves, our emotions and spiritual state. We just do it. We forget to take the time out to put our intentions in check.

"All actions are but by intentions...." Everything we do will be judged based on our intentions. Are we doing enough? Are we giving it any thought? What will help us remember?

With the remembrance of Allah (God), we would be able to get our intentions right. We will be able to slow down, stop and think about what we are doing. When we start doing everything for the sake of Allah, then we will be able to truly enjoy the moments in life. We will associate all moments positive and negative as a lesson of patiences, love and honor. 

Steps to live with intentions: 

  1. Bismillah. (In the name of Allah) Always start every action with Bismillah. For the sake of Allah. Really stop and thinking about it. Don't just say it and do it. Give thanks, appreciation. 
  2. Make sure your heart and mind follows your tongue. This takes practice. The closer you get to Allah the faster your heart will follow. Love will increase with action. Control your mind. A million thoughts a minute will have you lose your intention. Stay positive in negative situations. If you see your intention is changing. Try to bring it back. Take a moment to realign your intention. 
  3. Slow down. Living in a chaotic fast pace world allow yourself to slow down. Life isn't a race no one gets out alive. Slowing down will help keep your intentions and enjoy the moments. 

Bonus: In the morning get yourself a cup of tea. Sit and sip it. Don't do anything else but sit and sip. No writing. No phone. No tv. Be alone with your thoughts. Make intentions of what you want out of your day. Envision how you see your day planning out. 

Another Bonus: After every prayer make sure you rethink about your intentions. You will be focused and living intentionally. 

*** Read more about intentions in Commentary on the forty Hadith. Jamaal al-Din M. Zarabozo Volume 1. Pages 01-149***



Abdul Kareem Slade
08:01 Tuesday.14 January 2020

I think the perfect time for reflection and checking your intentions is after the 5 obligatory prayers. Then you know you will be clear in heart and mind especially if you have reached the state of kushu during salat. Wa Allahu Alim

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