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Ten things I've learned as a Mother

Ten Things I’ve learned as a Mother

  1. No matter how many times you say No they will still ask. 
  2. Be patient with yourself. I still cannot figure out how to tie a carrier or make sure there is food ready. Nothing has to be perfect. It just has to get done eventually.  
  3. Give yourself time to breathe. Do breathing techniques with your baby so when they see that you are stress they will tell you to breathe. Yup it works
  4. Give yourself space. Put them away when you need time. Hide in the bathroom. They will still stick their fingers under the door. but at least you will be kind of alone. 
  5. Teach them at a young age to put things away for you and get things for you. They will think it’s fun. You will develop patiences. 
  6. Binge watch shows just because you want to 
  7. Have some plants in the house. When they die you won’t feel too bad cuz the baby is still alive. Be happy with the accomplishments 
  8. Read books. Read them out loud. No matter how advance you may think they are. Your baby will be use to your voice and will want you to read the same book to them over and over again. Do it. 
  9. Don’t share your sweets. Just don’t. You don’t want them to know how good it is. 
  10. Don’t let social structures put you down. Your baby will learn at their own pace. Grow at their own pace. and do crazy things that were never in the book. Love them. Nourish them. Grow with them. 

Bonus: Enjoy every moment. 

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