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Use what you have

It that time of the year again. Where you will be bombarded with information about how to go plastic free. As useful as all the information is, it's also very draining and overwhelming. Too much information is not great. So I challenge to choose a couple things that you would like to change and stick to them. Don't try to do everything. Don't feel like you need to do everything. I'll give you some examples of easy beginning switches below.  But first I want to talk about using what you have.

Use what you have

The biggest mistake people make when trying to go plastic free and zero waste free is they try to do everything at once and eliminate all plastic and waste from their life. Now if you were like me I use to buy laundry detergent, dish soap, sponges all in bulk so to this day I still have some left. Throwing those away only causes more harm to the environment. You already bought them use them. Once you run out then you would consider other reusable methods.  This gives you time to use the products that you have and gives you time to prepare to get other products. 

Simple switches without having to purchase anything:

Switch from paper towels to hand towels, kitchen towels or cut up old t-shirts. Anything that you can pop into the wash to reuse again. I use to buy paper towels then i started realizing i would only wipe my hands with it then throw it away. It was a waste like I was just throwing my money away. I started using baby washcloths because I had a lot. I added them into a jar and put them in the kitchen. Not only were they great for wiping your hands but they are great for wiping down easy messes. I could rise them off let them dry and reuse them again without throwing them in the wash. 

Keeping glass jars from pasta, jams, etc. These are a great start to becoming zero waste and plastic free. Glass jars are heavier but are great for freezing fruit and veggies. Veggie storage. Vegetable last longer when they are put in a glass jar with water. They are great for prepping meals. You can also keep empty bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotions. They will work great for refills. 

My recommendation when you start going zero waste or plastic free is to not buy anything new. Use what you have. Reuse items into a different form. The goals is to not buy more but to be creative in the products we already have. Less is always more.