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Reusing items instead of throwing them out.

I bought a used coffee table for 5 dollars. I needed one in my old place. It was perfect after little research I realized it was a table that cost around $200 new. It was nice and sturdy gave me enough room to put books not the bottom. Around the same time, I needed to get side tables for my bedroom. We were place our stuff on top of 3 tier rolling cabinets. Well it turns out I found two side tables for $5 but it didn't have legs. My intention was to add legs and it would be good to go. Well I never got to that projects. 

A few months later we had to move.Once I settled into the new place, I moved these two items on to the balcony. The coffee table was now too big for the living room and the side tables well they were still tables with no legs. I wasn't ready to work on them yet. 

Now a couple months went by. Spring and summer were coming I wanted to use my balcony for more than storage. I decided I would just donate it back to where I purchased them in the first place. Problem solved.

Well problem not solved. Now my car was too small to fit the items into them to take it to the donations. As I was taking the items apart to see how I could fit it into my car. I realized I could put the two times together and make a sitting area. I needed something low enough so my baby wouldn't fall off. She would be able to get on and off as she pleased. I would be able to sit on it to read, enjoy the balcony and write. I got to work. 

Taking apart a coffee table and two side tables, I decided we need a little reading nook on the balcony. I need a plywood to go into the middle then it's ready to be painted. After thinking about painting I decided to just leave it black. It was good enough the parts that needed painting were not visible. I don't plan on keeping it forever. I just want to have it at this place. I figured by the time I move on to our next place this will most likely be gone. 

It's ready. It's a really great piece on the balcony because it is short enough for the baby to get on and off by her self. It's a nice area to sit and read a book.

Let me know what you think. Have you done any DIY projects lately let me know.