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Time waster. Social Media

Time Waster: Social media 

One of the biggest time waster for me is social media. It's this constant thoughts of having to check in to not feel alone, to procrastinate and to just know what others are doing. It's a big habit and the biggest time waster I've used. I have gone through phases of wanting to deactivate everything and hid away. 

I'm gonna go through some techniques you can use to control your time. I want to share with you how I overcame them and how I still struggle with using social media.  I use my social media mainly on the phone. That will be the focus here. I still have social media on my computer if I need to check in. 

Aimless, scrolling for no reason when I could really be doing something else. I tried to justify it but really there was no reason. I kept social media on my phone for so long because its easier to post to my business from there. But I started to realize that my posting was not getting traffic to my website in turn not making sales. I was just wasting time. I'll go through some more examples below on my decision to take social media off my phone and techniques I used. 


Cold turkey!

Just go cold turkey. Can you do it? I didn't think I could but once I erased them it became easier. I erased snapchat all together. I feel like I don't need that one at all. My next one was facebook. Facebook was a little more difficult. I don't give my number out and my connection to the outside world was facebook. Knowing this I erased the app but left the messenger. It has worked great.  What I would tell you is figure out what you are using and why you are using it. Does it bring benefit to you? Is it being used to draw you closer to your dreams?  The main reason why I have this huge dilemma is because in my mind I thought I needed it for my business or that is actually the excuse that I can use to continue having facebook. But in reality, I didn't need social media for my business. It's a huge myth that I told myself so that I can keep it. With social media and my business I have to be intentional in my posting. Plan things out so I'm consistent. I didn't do that. Other people may do that in their business but I didn't. My goal is to be intentional with social media the way I was using it was not working. So I erased it all together. It has been great. The only social media I have on my phone is Instagram. I'm still working on trying to figure that all out. 

Make a schedule and check it only at certain times.

If you cannot go cold turkey. Then limiting your time on the social media will help you gain more time. Set time for yourself. Use it when you need to not when you feel bored. Find something else to do when you are feeling bored. Don't feel the need to posting about everything you are doing. When you do that you don't live in the moment. You don't experience life because you want to capture it in a photo. To share with others. 

Connection with others.

I used to think that social media is a way to stay connected with friends and family. I found out that it has caused a distance between us. We can see what everyone is doing so we feel like we don't need to connect and check up on each other. Take steps to check up on your friends in real life. This is will help you gain your time back and use it more effectively. It will build up your friendship draw you closer to each other. 

Turn off notifications.

Change the setting so notifications don't pop up. I stopped giving out my phone number because I just assumed everybody can find me on social media which they could. But then they became an addiction up when a notification pops up, when somebody text you and you feel like you had to texted back right away. It got to a point where my phone was just going off. It was just going off like crazy for no reason. It wasn't anyone really talking to me, but just people commenting.  So one of the things that I did long before erasing the apps from my phone was to turn off all notifications. It allowed my mind to be clear. My phone wasn't going off and it didn't cause a distraction. 

Be present in your day. Be present with the people around you, Be present with yourself. Social media can be very dangerous. It can cause you to lose sleep, lose real social interactions. Sometimes we have to figure out how to let go so that we can be more free. So that we can have our minds open to learn, to relax, to be creative.