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Drink more water. Explore more.

Drink more water. Not the water that comes in individual plastic bottles. But tap water. If you can, if not find other sources to drink more water. Buy larger amounts of water like the 5 gallon jug and refill it, purchase charcoal water filters. Most drinks (Coffee, juice. smoothies, etc.) that are purchased when you are out comes in plastic one time containers. Save money, the environment and your health by making your own. 

Using one time individual plastic bottle and containers takes about over 100 years to decompose.  Even when it's recyclable plastic bottles can only be reproduced once. After that its ends up in our landfills, oceans, rivers, lakes. etc. 

What can we really do.

STOP purchasing them. Yes they are cheap (not really). Yes they are convenient. But NO they don't help anyone not even you. Bottle water contains chemicals that help preserve the water. When plastic is moved from hot and cold temperatures chemicals from the plastic is released into the water. 

If you are like me and you cannot drink tap water from your home. (literally taste like chlorine and dirt yuck!!) I got a 5 gallon water dispenser. I refill the bottles. It helps not perfectly but better than individual bottles. 

Take a reusable water bottle out with you. Fill it up when you leave and fill it at water stations through out the day. This will help you drink more water and have less a tendency to purchase drinks when you are out. 

Explore more.

When you are out ask yourself why are you purchasing coffee, juice, smoothies etc. are you really thirsty? These drinks are great and refreshing but the more that I see people purchasing them, the more I question why. Is it for socializing matters? Is it because you have to in order to sit and be at a place? It is just a habit? Are we able to change our habits? Save money make our own drinks and discover a new part of the world other than restaurants and coffee shops? There is so much more to life and things you can be doing that don't involve meeting up and eating out. Being active. Exploring the city. Enjoying the weather. Hiking up and down mountains. 

Get your bags packed with nutrient food, go out and have fun. 

Things to include in your outing.

1. Reusable water bottle. Fill it with water before you leave.

2. Reusable drink of your choice. Juice, coffee, smoothies, iced drinks. etc.

3. Packed lunch. Don't forget your utensils. 

4. Map out where you want to go and what you want to enjoy. 

5. Stick everything in a backpack.

6. Go out and relax.