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Why you should not consume essential oils.

Why you should not consume essential oils.

Essential oils are not regulated by FDA. They are not tested. And there are no studies to show the common effects that it has on the body. There are common benefits and common reactions, however, since all our bodies are different determining the effects it has on our body cannot be the same across. We must learn about our bodies and know which oil we are using their common results and see if that is happening within our bodies. This get to why we should not consume essential oils. 

There are many companies out there that promote the usage of ingesting essential oils. I am not saying that these companies are wrong for saying it. What I am saying is there can be toxic reaction, allergic reaction, and reaction towards medication that you are taking that can cause more harm to your body.

So what happens when we ingest essential oils? The body absorbs more of the oil then if we diffused or use the oil with carrier oils. Even a small amount a drop or two mixed with water can cause fatigue, lightheadedness, headaches etc. They may be small symptoms but they can lead to a larger problem. Taking large amounts of essential oils can cause harm internally to your organs.

On the other side it may help your body. Consuming the essential plan allows the oil to go through your body faster resulting to a faster and longer effect. So what happens when it is consumed. The body metabolizes the essential oils. When it does that it, does bring benefit to you your system. It moves through your bloodstream and circulates your body resulting in the liver. It metabolizes in the liver and then breaks down the components into metabolites and it circulates before it's illuminated from your body. All of this sounds great right? YES! It is if we know our bodies. If we know how the oil reacts in our body. If we know how our liver reacts to the oil. If we know how other medication reacts to the oils we are consuming. We  need to ask the right questions when we are interested in consuming oils.  We need to ask about how our body reacts. 

Like I said above we do not know what is happening with us and we do not have the studies to know what is happening within our bodies when we consume essential oils.  So with that being said this is what leads me to tell people to not consume. Even though they may be good for you they may cause bring you benefits but the unknown and the uncertainty of what the oil actually does tells me to tell you to not consume these oil's or any oils. If you are incline to consume. Then consult your doctor or aromatherapist who is qualified to monitor you while consuming. 










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