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Therapeutical Grade and Food Grade

Therapeutical grade.

There is no organization that oversees the therapeutical quality of essential oils. With this being said we do not identify our oils acts therapeutical grade because it is only a marketing hype. It is a way to say is that you are able to use these oils therapeutically and are the best essential oils. We identify our oils as therapeutical quality. They are used in a way to improve your life when used in a safe way. We call them therapeutical quality because every plant is different and every person is different. Do we say that these are the best oils for you and to say that these oils  will bring you the best benefit is incorrect with any company. That is saying that we as a company knows who you are, knows your body and knows how your body is going to react to an oil. We DON'T. We know how your body should react through studies, we know the benefits of the oils from history. However, we cannot say that you will fully benefit the way studies are shown.  Essential oil companies goals should not prescribe you oils to heal you from certain diseases or to prevent illnesses. We provide you with an alternative way to be able to use plant as a way to improve our health. We should not be here to say that we know these are going to work, that we know that each oil will bring your certain benefits that is traceable. because we don’t know. Every person is different every oil will react differently each individual. With that being said when a company claims that they have the best oils we must consider what it really mean.

Recreating society will never say we have the  best in anything. We will say that we can provide you with oils and products that will bring you benefits if used in a safe manner. We strive for you to learn about your body and how your body will react to each oil. It's not and never will be about how your body is suppose to act. Its about how your own body reacts. There is no official grading system by the government to regulate or control the oils. When you see therapeutical grade, grade A, B,C etc it's only for marketing terms. When using oil that says they are certified therapeutical grade it only means they are certified by their own company not a standard. When looking at qualifications and certificates it more important to look at what it means than to see that a company holds a certificate. Using the right oil for you body in a right manner will provide you and increase in health and wellness. Knowing your body and your reaction to certain type of oils will give you a better understanding of what works for you. You know your body better than anyone and you hold the power to heal.

Problems with therapeutical grade.

When vendors identify therapeutical grade it is just a name that is thrown around now. Any company can add it on. However, none of those oil has been tested because the FDA does not regulate essential oil. So when a company says that they are therapeutical grade it does not have any meaning behind it.

Another problem that shows up when companies say that their oil is therapeutical grade and they are able to be ingested. Having the label of therapeutical grade and food grade is to not possible. Food grade is regulated by the FDA. When oils are able to be ingested and selling as a food grade oil you cannot say that you oil is a therapeutical grade and claiming so violates the FDA requirement for food grade. When oils are considered to be food graded they are redistilled. When the are redistilled they are not longer therapeutical grade. Therapeutical grade are never redistilled.

My advice to everyone is to learn about essential oil. If you are going to put something on your body or in your body you need to learn about it. So I am here to provide you ways of opening your mind, questioning but you still have to do your own research. If you want to use essential oils as a way to heal yourself, to prevent illness then you must put in the time to learn about oils and to learn about your body. Just like modern medicine we have to understand and know our bodies and how it will react to certain type of plants.




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