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Oils you should stay aways from

Oils you should stay aways from

Essentials oils are concentrated deriving from herbs and plants. A small amount of essential oils can equal to a huge amount of planets. So with that being said we must think twice or three times about the type of oil's that we are using. How to use the oil without wasting it. We need to preserve the plants while using it for our health and wellness.

The best way to use essential oil is to dilute it. Most essential oil should not be used on your skin unless it is diluted. You can make neat compress but make sure you know how your skin will react to the oil. We are all different one oil maybe good someone and another may not be good for you. Also we have to keep in mind that oils comes from plants ever time you get a new oil retest your oil you may react differently even though its the same scent.  Try in on small area of your skin and see your reaction. These oils contain small molecules of the essential oils can enter into the bloodstream. Undiluted oils can irritate the skin called electric reaction and sometimes can cause permanent reaction and sensitivity to the oil and the plant that all together. 


The rule is always use each oil on a test spot to see the potential problems that may occur. Test spots are spots that can heal and not react to the function of your body. Such as your inner leg/thigh. Don’t put it on your hand or your feet. You don’t want it to react to your skin at those spots. Even if you have been using oil for a long time every time you get a new bottle always do a new test. Every batch of oil is different and you may be perfectly fine with one batch and another time you will not be fine. Every plant is different and every reaction is the difference.

Oils do you should stay away from or use extra precautions while using them.


All citrus oil's make your skin more sensitive to the sun. It makes your skin more sensitive to UV light we can can can cause discoloration and burning even if you have minor sun exposure.  These oil include

lemon, lime, orange, lemongrass, grapefruit, bergamot. Etc.


Internal use of oils.

Most essential oil's are not safe for internal uses. If you are to use them internally you must take extreme precautions.  One drop of oil equals to 30 cups of tea. Essential oils are extremely potent. The oils can affect your liver and gut. Research shows the extreme effects that oils can have internally however, due to limited studies we do not know for sure. Imbalances in the liver and gut of your body and cause harms in your skin, brain and other parts of your body.  To use the plant as a way to heal you can use them fresh or dried and it will give you the same effect that you would get if you internally ingested the oils without the side effects of the unknown. If you are looking to ingest them be under the care of a doctor or aromotherpist.


Any oil that comes in a plastic container.

If you essential oil's are pure the essentials oil can eat through the plastic when is diluted or undiluted. It can degrade the plastic causing it to be in your product that you though was 100% good for you. Plastic lid and dopplers if fine as long as its not touching the oils. Homemade cleaners and products should be made in glass containers. If you have a stray bottle make sure the sprayer is glass or metal if not then do not leave the sprayer in the oil until you are ready to use it. Also be cautions of drips of oils as it may cause saints or chip wood surfaces. Always keep your oils out of reach of children.







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