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Invest in a diffuser

A little background on the diffusers I have. When I first got into essential oils. I bought my first diffuser off of amazon.  It was a reasonable price.  I like the look of it. I didn’t know much about what to look for. So I went with what would look good in my room at a good price. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good diffuser, but I’ve learned there are better ones out there. I didn’t think that there was a difference or it would make a difference in the type of diffuser I have. It does. The scent. The amount diffused. The difficulty of the diffuser makes the difference.

The second diffuser, I have my cousin had bought it for me as a baby present. Of course, I looked it up and researched it. It was a lot more pricey than my first one. But this one was beautiful. It is white, ceramic and best of all easy to use. When I first turned it on, I notice a major difference in the diffuser compared to my other one. The flow was better, it was a lot easier to use. It didn’t stay on as long as my other one but it didn’t need to. This diffuser was suppose to go into the baby room, but it hasn’t actually reach the room yet. If I were to buy another diffuser I would not buy it just based on looks and price only. It will have to do a better job. Below is a list of what to look for in a diffuser.




I learned this the hard way. Get something that is easy to use. The one I bought myself has a few steps in order to get it started. It has an outside sleeve that needs to be taken off before filling up the water in the reservoir. The inside is a little difficult. You have to do a balancing act. Turn the cap, fill up the reservoir, then clean the bottom part. It’s a funny shape so it doesn’t sit up where you set it. At times the water falls out.  You have to fill the cap of the diffuser flip it over to put it on the stand. It's just messy. There also has been time that the diffuser has been acting up. I always clean it before every use but sometimes I would have to extra clean it because it wouldn’t work.

The ceramic one is great. Is have a fill water area after you take off the top. The tops has a flat area so its easy to set anywhere. You take only one piece to clean and fill the water. Then its done. Easy to use and easy to clean.  I never have to deal with it not working. It works every time. Clean, add water, add oil, click one button and its done.


Find one that will have a good mist. It shows that it is working properly and the oils are coming through. The stronger the mist the better. It will spread faster through out the rooms.


Decide where you are putting your diffuser. I put one in my living room and one in my bedroom. I use my ceramic one in the living room. It can cover a bigger area. The mist is better. The other one in my bedroom because my room is smaller and more tight knit.


Make sure you like the look. Buy one that will fit your personality, the room you have it in and your lifestyle. The color. Buy a diffuser that will match your style. While quality is important, its also important to look for something that looks good to you. You will use it more.


Here is a couple of diffuser we recommend. 







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