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Invest in a diffuser

It is important to invest in a diffuser that is easy to use, fits in with your home decor and in a space that will be effective. When we buy decor we make sure it look and feel good in the room. The same with a diffuser.  It will become a staple piece in your home. 



You want to get something that is simple. Literally, take the decorative top off, fill the water, add the oil, put the decorative top back on and start it.  When you get more complicated diffusers you're less likely to use it. Nobody wants to be messing with their diffuser. 

I learned this the hard way. This was my first diffuser. It had a few steps in order to get it started. First it has an outside sleeve just like any diffuser. But this one the sleeve also had the water reservoir. I had to fill it up, put the cap on, flip it over with water spilling out once I flipped it over to get the diffuser on its stand. It was a balancing act and was literally a mess. I ended up getting rid of it. I was on a search for a new one. 

It's important to make sure you are getting something easy to use, otherwise you won't use it. The diffuser that I have are easy now. My favorite is the white leaf. It's a neutral white color. Super easy to use, fits into my home decor. 



Fits in with your home decor.

You will want your diffuser to fit into your decor. Decide where you would want to put your diffuser before purchasing one. There are a lot that will look nice, but there is a lot of them that will not look good in your home. Make sure you like the look. Buy one that will fit your personality, the room you have it in and will match your style. If you have kids we have kid friendly diffusers as well. They are cute little animal creatures, silicone so it won't break if it falls. Just make sure if there is little children the diffuser is put up higher or you have conversations about the safety usage of diffusers to your kids. 



Location. Location. Location.

Put your diffuser in the place that will fit into your decor and will help remind you to use it. Don't put it in a dark corner where you will forget all about it or a space you are not often in. If you work from home, an office is a perfect place. If your main place of congerating is your living room or kitchen those are also good places.  If you are using it for the purpose of relaxation the bedroom it the perfect place. Where ever you put it have an intention of what exactly you will want the diffuser to help you with. This will determine the best oils for you. 


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