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How to choose an essential oil

There is so many essential oils, so many companies, so many scents. How do you choose an essential oil that is right for you? How do you know if its even working? Essential oils have a long term effect on you. You have to be aware of who you are and your surrounds to see the effects that it has on you and your family.

Essential oils have been around since the beginning of time. Depending on what part of the world you are from you will find different plants to increase your health prevent illnesses and increase your overall wellbeing. Essential oil is the actual aroma when it's extracted from the plant. Pure essential oils only contain the plant based. Depending on how it's extracted will determine if it's pure. Plants are a part of earth. Created from our creator. Before modern medicine, plants were the go to products to cure and prevent every kind of illness. We use to rely on them daily.

How to decide

You can ask anyone on how they choose their oils and there will be a variety of reasons. From the scent, to the benefits, to a friend having the oil etc. Many people choose a scent based on what will be the benefits of the oil, but if you are just starting off, it's more important to like the smell. If you are new to essential oils, I would tell you to take your time. Choose a few oils, four the most to start off with. Choose base on your scent preferences first. Purchase based on what smells attracts you. When you choose based on your scent preferences you are more likely to use the oil.  If you are choosing something and you don’t like the way it smells ask yourself how likely will you really use it? Be open to other scents as well. I use to hate fruity scents. When I use to buy lotion and other products from the store those were the scents I stayed away from. When I started with essential oils, I was reluctant to get into anything fruity. I love to eat blood orange. I love the smell of it. But for some reason when it came in lotions or anybody product I hated it.  However with essential oils, I gave it a try. To my surprise it was the best decision. I love it. These scents are from the original source without chemicals and other by products so it smelled different and pure.  It’s one of my favorite scent and its also very energizing. I would tell you that if you don’t like a scent find a way to get to its original form. It may smell differently and you may like it. Play around with the scents. Thats how you will learn your likes and dislike. Then mix them up. 

Listen to you body

At some point, you will start to remember when the oils are not on in the diffuser, or you haven't been using your lotions, scrubs et.  Your body will feel different. You will feel a little off and you wont know why.  That's why it's important to listen to your body. If you are diffusing and you are starting to feel sick. Then maybe that scent is not good for you. You body should always feel better when essential oils are around. If not, then discounting using it. 


Above, I mention choosing four scents the most if you are first starting off with essential oils. I say that not because I only have four scents. ( thats was strategic)

Here are a few reasons why to choose four scent.

  1. It will allow you to research, learn and grow with the scent. It will give you an opportunity to  use them as a way to increase your overall well being. You will have information overload by trying to learn too much about each oil resulting in not enjoying the oils.
  2. You will see the changes it has on your lifestyle. If you start off choosing to many scents. It will giving you a difficult time to choose what to use and will also have a more difficult time feeling the benefits of the oil.  
  3. It's easier to mix a small about of oils than getting overloaded with too many. It will allow you to mix and play around with the scents. 

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