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Misuse of essential oils

Misuse of Essential oils

Here are some examples for benefits and what would happened when the oil is misused.

Peppermint is used for gastrointestinal discomfort. Some type of mint is poison it. Such as pennyroyal oil is there a place in this to the liver so it is important to choose the correct species of minutes. High level of menthol that can cause harm in overuse.

Wintergreen is news to relieve pain like an over-the-counter medication. However it is very dangerous it more than a tiny amount is swallow swallowing wintergreen oil is like swallowing a large number of adult aspirin.

Tea tree oil is used for skin infection. However a large amount of Tea tree oil that is in use can cause skin infection.

Nutmeg is used in food. when misused it can cause hallucinations and coma.

Eucalyptus is good when the winter season is approaching it's good to prevent colds and flu. However Eucalyptus is over and use can cause seizures.

Sage oil is scent for diffusing and remedy. However if shallowed can cause seizures in children even a small amount.

This is why its should be a top priority to keep your essential oil safe. Keep out of reach of pets, children and elders.

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