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Extraction Methods for Essential Oils

Extraction method of oils is important to final product.  Depending on which method is used in extracting the essential oil, it will determine how pure the oil is. There is no right or wrong way of extraction. It’s based on preferences.  Some people are looking for only pure essential oils, some are okay with some added ingredients.  All of the oils we carry have pure essential oils not added ingredients. I listed below five different extraction methods of oil; steam distillation, carbon dioxide, cold pressed, enfleurage and solvent extractions.



  1. Steam Injection: In this process , the pan is in a sealed chamber. Then the steam cause the pan small internal sacs to burst. The sacs holds the oil. The essential oil modules are then transported out of the chamber and put in a chiller to be processed. Through this process, the essential oil and water is separated to become your final essential oil product. This process allows for 100% pure oil to be extracted.
  2. Steam Suppression: The whole plant is suppressed in larger container above boiling water. The steam raises collects the essential oil and pushes it upward, while the receptacle catches it an moves it towards the separator. Pure essential oil is then collected.


Co2 distillation and super critical Co2 distillation.

  1. Co2 distillation: Co2 comes through the oil away from the raw plants. Co2 is in the cold from 35-55 degrees Fahrenheit before the blasting it through the plant material. Therefore, causing this method is not be heated. It isn’t altered from its original form allowing the oil to stay pure.
  2. Supercritical Co2 distillation: Plant is heated to 87 degree Fahrenheit then blows through the plant. Co2 is transferred into vapor that comes from the oil away from the plant. As a result, this method is also pure and unaltered essential oil. Co2 is warmed not hot.


Cold pressed is obtained from citrus fruits by placing the fruit rinds at 120 degree Fahrenheit extracting the best scents.


Enfleurage is the combination of fat and fatty oil with the whole flower to get the essential oil. This method is the oldest essential oil extraction method. The process is to place the flower into the shallow layer of fatty oil that absorbs the essential oil from the petals of the flower. As the flower withes, it is replaced with new ones until the oil fills up. The oil is then extracted with solvent alcohol. This extraction adds alcohol into the process, therefore, is not pure.


Solvent Extraction helps with chemical solvent. It is evaporated during the initial phase and the remains is spun off. It leaves traces of chemicals in the oil. This extract does not allow the oil to be pure essential oil. When prices of essential oils are cheaper this is usually the process that is used to make the essential oil. As a result, this method is not the most reliable extraction if you want pure essential oil because you will not know how much chemical gets into the oil.

Looking into the extraction method of oils are important in determining the pureness of the oil. How they are extracted compared to how the plant can be extracted for their oils. Based on your preferences, you can determine what you are looking for in the oils. Pure oils are more expensive. However, I would recommend looking for the most pure oils without added ingredients. Therefore, ensure that you are using the best oils to get the best benefits out of the oils. Invest in yourself, health and wellness.

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