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Common Mistakes when using essential oils

Common Mistakes:

  1. Common mistake that people make when using essential oils is over usage. Adding a few drops into the diffuser can go a long way. And diffusing in the right amount will allow you to stay safe when using essential oils. People often think that because you cannot smell the scent means that you need more oil's. But it is not true just because you cannot smell it as strong doesn't mean that it's not working. One thing that we have to remember is that we are diffusing the air and even if the stand is soft it's still working. Some oils are very soft and some oils have a strong scent. Make sure that you use the right amount of drops in your diffuser and in carrier oils to stay safe.
  2. Buying oil that are more expensive. Buying oils are more expensive does not mean that the quality of the oil's are better.  Looking also at the location of where the origin of the oil has come from also is the determination of help look at the quality of the oil. It is good to have the GC/MS however, it is not the determining factor. When look at the results unless you have a scientific background it's difficult to see what the results mean. Looking at where the origin of the oil originate from and the best place for the oil to grow will be a better determining factor of the quality of the oils. 
  3. Relying only on company information. When using essential oils we must learn about the oils individually. We must learn about how it affects our personal bodies, how it affects our families bodies, how it affects our pets. All those who are around us that will benefit from the oils. All of our bodies are different and we all we react to oils differently. With that being said we must learn about ourselves, speak to our doctors about the oils that we are deciding on using, and understanding what each oil can do for you. Even though these essential oils are coming from plants it does not always mean it will be safe for you.

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