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Carrier oils are oils that are used with essential oil.  It important to use carrier oils with the essential oils since the oils are potent. Choosing an oil can be difficult. It's all about what your needs are, the feel of the oil, and the scent of the oil. Like I said in my other blog choose an oil by the scent. Your nose will thank you. With carrier oils choose it also with how you like the feel of it. Some people like the oily feeling, some people like less of it, and some like it to be more thick. It’s all about preferences. I like mine more on the oily side because my skin can get pretty dry. I also like to mix my oils for more benefits.  


Almond oil:
Light, faint sweet aroma, vitamin B2, B6 & E. Good for sensitive skin.

Aloe Vera Oil:
Used oil and macerated oil used for wounds and balms.

Avocado oil:
Sweet nutty aroma. Thick consistency. Olive green color. Good to nourish your skin and hair. Increases hydration, tightens and firms

Calendula oil:
Vitamin A B1 B2 B6

Coconut oil: Soothes dry skin, without clogging pores Evening Primrose Oil:
Good for eczema.

Grape seed Oil:
Thin, light weight, sweet nutty aroma. The is type of oil is pressed. Solvent extraction may cause chemicals compounds to be in the oil.

Hazelnut Oil: light sweet nutty aroma.

Jojoba oil: Thick, waxy feeling, highly moisturizing, indefinite shelf life, acne prone.

Olive oil: 2 year shelf life. cold pressed or virgin olive oil. Cold pressed may have traces of chemicals components in it. Its best to get virgin olive oil.

Sesame seed oil: Blend with other oils its can be over powering aroma.

Its also important to test patches on a small part of your body to see if you get an allergic reaction. If you are allergic to a flower you will most likely be allergic to the essential oil as well.

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