Balancing our feminine and masculine energy in a complicated world.

Our lives can become complicated, stressful while also being healthy and empowering. We can live our lives in a way that encompasses all of our feelings. We as humans are dynamic with many moving pieces that we do not even think about. So how do we balance our feminine and masculine energy in a complicated world?

One topic I want to discuss is the topic of masculine and feminine energy and how they affect our lives. I want to discuss how we use different energies for different tasks throughout our lives and what happens when we are using the wrong energy at the wrong time which will cause our life to become unbalanced. Once we are able to recognize the different energies we will be able to distinguish which energy to use for different situations. Let dive into it.

What is masculine and feminine energy?

We all embody masculine and feminine energy. Throughout our days we enhance one over the other depending on the task we are doing. This is not to say masculine is male and feminine is female, even though the way we are structured as humans we lean more toward masculine if we are male and feminine if we are female.

A common mistake that people do is to put masculine and feminine as the opposite so when you are using one energy more than the other you are saying that is wrong to use the other energy. But it doesn’t mean that is wrong but the task at hand may be easier and more well put together if we are using a different entry.

We will be able to recognize the differences and see things that will not be seen if another energy is used. Let dive deeper here are some examples of each energy.

Masculine Energy Feminine Energy
Take actionCompassionate
BoundariesNourishing yourself
Being assertiveFollow instincts.

How to embrace your feminine energy?

How do you embrace your feminine energy? To activate the energy you need to know what energy is used for what. A task that involves direct, decision-making based on facts, clarity, and structure uses more masculine energy while a task that involved feelings, personal connection, and understanding involves more feminine energy.

Balancing our feminine and masculine energy in a complicated world.

What happens when we are using the wrong energy for the wrong purpose. This is where your life gets unbalanced, stressful, and complicated. This is where we need to step back and think about which energy to use to get the best results.

Let me give you an example. Say you are planning a move across the country. You will need to plan your whole trip from knowing what date, the time you will pick up your moving truck, knowing when you have to pack all your belongings into a box, and planning the route and when you will go. Everything involves concrete answers. So you have to use your masculine energy to get everything done in a timely manner.

Say if you use your feminine energy using your feelings you may never feel ready to get a truck, pack everything. When you are ready the structure of your move may not go as planned because the plan was not a concrete plan. This method will cause more stress, the feeling of things falling apart.

How to move forward and balance our life.

A major question that comes up is what happens when you are working with someone else that is using different energy for that same task? There is not a problem with this. One of you may have a more concrete answer to different things while the other person is more laid back. Each energy will have a different perceptive on how to move forward.

There may be something that you didn’t see while the other person saw. An example would be if you use your feminine energy it is more authentic and personal than masculine energy. When using feminine energy you will get a better understanding of the person with masculine energy. When you are meeting a new person it is best to use feminine energy to grow your friendship.

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