Steps for pure skin

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Scrub away the dead skins.

whipped body butter


Add more nutrients to your skin.

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Relax your body and mind.


Higher standards of our product

Our products are curated with you in mind. We provide the best products for your skin to become nourished.

Non-Toxic Products

Cruelty Free

Good for your body, mind and soul.

No artificial color or flavors.

Recreating Society Holistic Care

Everything on earth is created for a purpose. It's our goal to find out the purpose, benefits, and uses. I hope you take this journey with me to develop habits towards a holistic lifestyle. Recreating Society is a representation of a new start. A new way of looking at life. A new lifestyle. It's about being individuals with a community mindset. Looking at our actions, buying power, and how it affects the world around us. It is creating a world that we want to live in. A world that is left better than how we came into it.

Creating a better world

Finding purpose in our life

Developing a livable lifestyle

Making sure we are think of ourselves once a day.

Free ourselves from toxins.

Provide a place where we can exceed.

About Sophia

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"The self-development process process at its best integrates the past, present and future."

Welcome to Recreating Society Holistic Care. My name is Sophia. I am the founder and creator behind Recreating Society. I bring you high-quality holistic products infused with natural and pure botanicals. My goal is to help you remove toxins in your life for a more transparent and free space to live. To incorporate self-care in to you daily routine. I provide all natural herbs, butter, oils etc to help build your natural immune system. The collection of products are everyday products that promote ease of healing.

Recreating Society Holistic Care is made in small batches with love and prayer just for you. The self-care line helps you get a boost in reminding yourself to think of yourself at least once a day. In creating the products, I searched and searched for the natural products that are the purest, ethically cultivated with no added ingredients. The process of extraction was important to me as it was a way of showing purity of the raw products. A plant that is grown in fields with no chemicals. Grown in places that are its natural habitat so it is not struggling to grown against its natural ways. I strive to work with companies and business who benefit the community.

Through my business, my ultimate goal is to help you develop and strive for a holistic lifestyle by taking care of your body, mind and soul.


It’s beauty as nature intended.

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