Lavender essential oil

How to use lavender essential oil for skin.

Lavender essential oil is one of the most common essential oil in self-care products. It is the most well-known scent. Lavender essential oil derives forms the Mediterranean, middle east, and India. Its historical roots date back to Egyptian times when they used lavender for mummification and perfume. It’s a versatility oil that can be used for cleaning products to neat treatments.

How to use lavender essential oil for skin.

Lavender essential oil is the most popular essential oil. Its aroma fills the room through a diffuser but there are so many other ways to use lavender essential oil. One way is to mix it with other carrier oil to use directly on the skin. This will allow your skin to absorb the nutrients of the plant. It will also help your skin if used topically. You can use it in a bath soak to unwind from the day. It helps with hair loss when you use it as a hair conditioner or scalp oil.

What are the benefits of lavender essential oil?

BenefitsWays to useHow it helps
Sedative PropertiesUse drops mixed with the carrier on the acne area. Will allow for deeper relaxation
Soothes headaches, migraines, and motion sicknessRub oil on the temple. Increase blood circulation to lessen headaches.
Reduces anxietyUse in bath soaks.Calms you mentally and physically.
Heals insect bitesUse in ointment or salveReduces inflammation
Helps with insomniaUse a diffuser an hour before sleeping.Helps the body stay asleep.
Helps with hair lossMix with carrier oils Helps with scalp dryness
Eases respiratory issuesUse in vapor rub. Opens up airway and congestion.

Benefits of lavender essential oil for the face.

BenefitsWays to useHow it helps
Reduces acneUse drops mixed with the carrier on the acne area. Use consistently will help reduce inflammation, help with scaring.
Reduces skin imperfectionAdd a few drops to your moisturizer. Brighten and even skin tone.
Increase blood circulationMix with a carrier oil. Rub on face, body, hand.Reduces redness and skin imperfection.
Anti-inflammatory problemsRub on inflammation areaDecrease the likelihood of skin bubbling, redness, and puffiness.
benefits of lavender essential oil

There are a variety of ways to use lavender essential oil depending on what you would like it to do. Make sure you have lavender essential in the form of moisturizer you can use on your face and body, salve when you get cuts, burns, insect bites, bath soak when you feel the need for deeper relaxation, and a bottle of lavender essential oil to mix with carrier oils.

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