Calamus (Acorus calamus var. angustaus)

Calamus (Acorus calamus var. angustaus) excellent oil to diffuse when you emotionally upset. 

Application Methods of Calamus

  • Use in bath and shower for absorption and aromatherapy benefits. 
  • Diffuse for emotional and mental benefits. 
  • Massage, diluted for physical aliment. 

Medicinal uses

Anxiety, calming, clarity, headache, memory, muscle pain and stiffness, panic, tension. 


Cedarwood, cinnamon, clary sage, lavender, patchouli, rosemary, tea tree, ylang-ylang. 


Do not use it as neat or internally. Can cause convulsions and hallucinations. Use in low dilutions rate for massage or bath blends. Do not use it if you are pregnant. Not safe for children under 6. 

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