Black seed oil. Why you need black seed oil in your life.

Black seed oil comes from the seed of Nigella Sativa.  A plant that has been used since the beginning of time. For Muslims black seed is known as “Habbatul Barakah” A blessed seed. It is believed a “remedy for all diseases except death.”  There are list and list of benefits of black seed oil. There is also an unknown list of benefits. If you believe the quote “remedy for all diseases except death” means no matter what problems or concerns you have this oil will help. We may not fully understand its actual benefits.

Benefits of Black seed oil

  • Fights fungal infections
  • Manages diabetes
  • Controls inflammation
  • reduce cancer risk
  • promote healthy blood pressure 
  • ease skin infections
  • Respiratory system 
  • kidney function
  • cardiovascular system
  • digestive tract
  • liver health
  • immune system
  • relieves inflammation
  • decrease blood pressure
  • decrease cholesterol
  • improves arthritis
  • decrease asthma
  • decrease stomach aches

Difference between Black seed oil and Black cumin

Black seed oil comes from the Nigella Sativa plant. It is known by a few other names. However, there has been a lot of confusion around the black seed. There are a few other seeds that stores and people have confused them with black seed. I will go through a few of them. First, all black seed comes from the plant named Nigella Stavia. If it doesn’t come from this plant then it’s not the black seed. Onion seed even though it’s lighter in completion. A lot of stores label onion seeds as black seeds. Black sesame seed has the same look and color as black seed oil. Caraway is a fennel seed. The confusion comes because its name is also known as Black cumin. Cumin is confused as black seed. Lastly, is the Royal cumin and cumin seed. Both are known as black cumin seeds. Black seed and Black cumin are not the same. Black cumin comes from the plant Cuminum cyminum. I hope that clears up the confusion.

Black seed oil in Recreating Society products.

Every product created by Recreating Society has black seed oil in it. I believe this oil has benefits that are beyond what I can comprehend. Here are some benefits of the oil in each product.

black seed oil

Beard oil: Black seed oil nourishes hair particles, helps with beard growth and prevents in-grown hair. It softens the beard to have a luxurious feel while helping with hair loss and premature greying.

Rosemary hair and scalp treatment: Black seed oil brings shine to the hair, controls frizz and helps regrowth of new hair. Maintains healthy scalp through moisturization.

Calendula Face oil: Black seed oil helps even out skin. It helps lighten up dark spots. It helps reduce inflammation and helps with acne scars.

About Nigella sativa (black seed) Abu Hurayrah (ra) narrates that the Prophet (pbuh) said: “Hold on (use this seed regularly)! Because it is a remedy (cure) for every disease except death.”

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